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Vsd và vfd

Switchgear and Protection systems for: MV / HV Switchgears, Motors Power Cables Electric Control Devices - VSD &VFD

Electric control systems, also known as VSD (Variable Speed Drives) and VFD (Variable Frequency Drives), are responsible for controlling the speed of motors in different devices or machines which are significant. These are not only energy saving devices but also they help in running motors smoothly.

    Benefits of VSD and VFD:

    VSDs and VFDs provide a number of advantages when it comes to motor speed control in appliances, machinery. These are also unique to the rest of the alternatives only by having a high level power factor which allows them to save a lot more energy working in lots of different engines. More importantly, these devices are able to match the load of the motor and prevent potential damage that could be incurred.

    Innovation in VSD and VFD:

    Mechanical VSDs and ACV chase their advancements aside for the last decades, until some recent technological boosts shake dramatically how they operate. These products now have small chips as well, allowing them to do things like remote health monitoring and run massive programs. By the way, they can now connect to internet and receive important data.

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