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Vfd cho một pha

Single phase Variable Frequency Drives - frothers for single screw motors

But, how about a VFD for single-phase motors? Let's break it down. A : Stands for Variable Frequency Drive - An electrical device used to control the speed of a motor. It is designed for speed regulation of the single-phase powered motor, to be more specific.

    Benefits of VFD for Single Phase Motors

    With that explanation out of the way, let's break down why you might be interested in using a VFD for single-phase motors. The big advantage: it would save loads of energy. Depending on the need for speed, you can ramp your motor down to control more gently which typically saves energy and hence cost in a long run. Additionally, use of a VFD can help to prolong the life of the motor and reduce wear associated with constant starting/stopping processes.

    Why choose SANYU Vfd for single phase?

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