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Lò phản ứng Dc trong vfd

DC Reactor in VFD Why it is important for Energy effectiveness 

Giới thiệu:

DC Reactor in VFD is a buzzword in neuro-scientific engineering electrical recent years, just like the SANYU's product called khởi động mềm dc. It has gained appeal because of it is energy-saving advantages, user-friendly innovation, and procedure safe. We will explain what DC Reactor in VFD is and why it is important for power efficiency.

Advantages of DC Reactor in VFD

DC Reactor in VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) has a few benefits, similar to the single phase frequency supplied by SANYU. One of these simple is the reduction of harmonic distortion into the input current, which does occur during the VFD operation. The DC Reactor in VFD helps you to smooth the input waveform away current resulting in a cleaner power supply. This results in a better and much more lifespan extended of motors attached to the VFD. Hence, it helps to ensure that the device overall more energy-efficient.

Why choose SANYU Dc reactor in vfd?

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