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SANYU Frequency Inverter Frequency Converter Drives VFD VSD SY9000 37KW MODBUS For Fan and Water Pump High Quality

SANYU Frequency Inverter Frequency Converter Drives VFD VSD SY9000 37KW MODBUS For Fan and Water Pump High Quality

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SANYU SY9000 Series Frequency Inverter VFD VSD



  • Four control modes: V/F control with PG, V/F without PG, open loop vector control, close-loop vector control.

  • Input voltage: 220V~240V+/-15%,3 AC 380V~460V +/-15%.

  • Overload capacity: 150% for 60s, 180% for 10s, 200% for 3s.

  • Start torque:0Hz/150%(SVC), 0Hz/180%(FVC).

  • Speed adjust range:1:1000(FVC),1:100(SVC).

  • Speed control accuracy:+/-0.02%(FVC), +/- 0.2%(SVC).

  • Speed control response:<3.5ms>

  • Modbus, profibus and CANopen communications are optional .

  • 2 channels AI and 2 channels AO.(0-20mA,0-10V)


SY9000-0R4G-S21 phase 220V0.4KW1.02.5
SY9000-0R7G-S21 phase 220V0.75KW1.44.0
SY9000-1R5G-S21 phase 220V1.5KW2.67.0
SY9000-0R4G-43 phase 380V0.4KW1.21.6
SY9000-0R7G-43 phase 380V0.75KW1.52.3
SY9000-1R5G-43 phase 380V1.5KW3.73.7
SY9000-2R2G-43 phase 380V2.2KW4.75.0




Basic function Control system High performance of current vector control technology to realize asynchronous motor control 
Drive performance High efficiency driving for induction motor 
Maximum frequency0~500Hz 
Carrier frequency 0.8k~8kHz; the carrier frequency will be automatically adjusted according to the load characteristics
Input frequency resolution Digital setting: 0.01Hz 
Analog setting: maximum frequency ×0.025% 
Control mode Open loop vector control(SVC) 
Closed loop vector control(FVC) 
V/F control
Start up torqueType G:0.5Hz/150%(SVC);0Hz/180%(FVC)   
Speed range1:100(SVC)          1:1000(FVC)
Speed stabilizing precision ±0.5%(SVC)  0.02%(FVC) 
Torque control precision ±3%(FVC) 
Over load capability G type:rated current 150% -1 minute, rated current 180% -3 seconds; 
P type:rated current 120% -1 minute, rated current 150% -3 seconds; 
Torque boost Auto torque boost function;Manual torque boost 0.1%~30.0% 
V/Fcurve Linear V/F,Multi-point V/F and Square V/F curve(power of 1.2, 1.4, 1.6, 1.8, 2.0)
V/F separation In 2 ways:separation ,semi seperation 
Acc. /deccurve Straight line or S curve acceleration and deceleration mode 
Four kinds of acceleration and deceleration time. Acceleration and deceleration time range between 0.0s to 6500.0s 
DC brake DC brake frequency:0.00Hz to maximum frequency, brake time: 0.0s to 36.0s, and brake current value: 0.0% to 100.0%.
Jog control Jog frequency range:0.00Hz~50.00Hz. Jog acceleration/decelerationtime 0.0s~6500.0s
Simple PLC and MS speed running It can realize at maximum of 16 segments speed running via the builtin PLC or control terminal
Built-in PID It is easy to realize process-controlled close loop control system 
Auto voltage regulation (AVR) It can keep constant output voltage automatically in case of change of network voltage
Over-voltage/current stall control It can limit the running  voltage/current automatically and prevent    frequent over-voltage/current tripping during the running process 
Quick current limit Minimize the over-current fault, protect normal operation of the inverter
Torque limit & control "Excavators" characteristics,automatically limit torque during operation,prevent frequent over-current trip; Closed loop vector mode can realize the torque control
Personalized Instantaneous stop non-stop When instantaneous power off,voltage reduction is compensated through load feedback energy,which could make inverter keep running in a short period of time
Rapid current limit To avoid inverter frequent over-current fault.
Virtual IO 5 groups of virtual DI,DO to realize simple logic control 
Timing control Timing control function:set time range 0Min~6500.0Min 
Multiple motor switch 2 groups of motor parameter,which can realize 2-motor switch control 
Communication support Stardard modbus:RS485 
Multi-encoder support Support difference,open collector, rotary transformer, etc. 
Running Running command channel Three typesof channels:operation panel reference,control terminal reference and serial communication port reference.These channels can be switched in various modes. 
Frequency source There are totally eleven types of frequency sources, such as digital reference, analog voltage reference, analog current reference, pulse reference, MS speed, PLC, PID and serial port reference. 
Auxiliary frequency source 11 kinds of auxiliary frequency source which can flexible achieve auxiliary frequency tuning, frequency synthesis 
Input terminal Standard: There are 6 digital input terminals, DI5 can be used as 100kHz highspeed input pulse.  2 analog input terminals, AI1can be used as 0-10V voltage input, AI2 can be used as 0-10V voltage input or 0~20mA current input. 
Output terminal Standard: 1 digital output terminals, Y1 is high-speed pulse output terminal (can be choosen as open circuit collector type), support 0~10kHz square wave signal; 2 relay output terminal; 2 analog output terminals, support 0~20mA output current or 0~10V output voltage;
LED displayRealize parameter setting,status monitoring function 
Keyboard potentiometer Equipped with keyboard potentiometer or coding potentiometer 
 Key lock&function selection Realize button locking,define operation range for part of buttons to prevent operation fault. 
Protection function It can implement power-on motor short-circuit detection, input/output phaseloss protection,  overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, overheating protection and overload protection. 
Optional partsDifferential input PG card, OC input PG card, sin&cos endoser PG card 
EnvironmentUsing place Indoor,and be free from direct sunlight, dust, corrosive gas, combustible gas, oilsmoke, vapor, drip or salt.
AltitudeBelow 1000m 
Ambient temperature -10 ℃ to +40 ℃ (Derating use when under ambient temperature of 40 ℃ to 50 ℃)
HumidityLess than 95%RH, without condensing 
VibrationLess than 5.9 m/s2(0.6g)
Storage temperature -20℃~+60℃


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1.Q: Are you a factory or trading company?

A: We are trading company with our own factory with more than 10 assembly product line and strict QC system and equipment, so we can meet both your quantity and quality demands.

2.Q: Can I get some samples?

A: Yes, we are glad to offer you samples. After price and order confirmed, the samples fee will be regressed.

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A: You products will be arrived your the nearest domestic port after order confirmed, it's about 30 days.

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A: Our factory has gained SAA certificate and EMC certificate and ISO9002 authentication. Quality

makes us who we are today. We focus on the quality from the very beginning to the end.

5.Can I buy other factory's products directly from you? 

A: Yes, of course. There are already many customers cooperating with us in this way. We have over 10 years .in the business with extensive knowledge of technology and market. Our good reputation in China has been awarded by Alibaba Group as its selected business partner.

SANYU Frequency Inverter Frequency Converter Drives VFD VSD SY9000 37KW MODBUS For Fan and Water Pump High Quality is the perfect product for those who wish to operate their fan and water pump effectively. This high-quality product is designed to deliver peak performance, making it the perfect addition to any industrial or commercial setting.

The SANYU brand name has established a reputation great services which are creating can be top-of-the-line services, and also this regularity converter drive can be a testament to that particular. It boasts technology advanced level allows it to convert the frequency associated with the engine, making this really adaptable to applications being different.

SANYU Frequency Inverter Frequency Converter Drives VFD VSD SY9000 37KW MODBUS For Fan and Water Pump High Quality benefits from a variety of features including exemplary manufacturing performance, high effectiveness, and numerous control modes. These features make sure it is a fit powering perfect commercial and applications which can be commercial. Furthermore, having a rated production power of 37KW, the VFD VSD SY9000 can guarantee performance optimal the most demanding of settings.

One of the key features through the SANYU Frequency Inverter Frequency Converter Drives VFD VSD SY9000 37KW MODBUS For Fan and Water Pump High Quality’s its person who is users graphical excellent. This frequency converter is user-friendly, which makes it an easy task to arranged and make usage of also for people who have never triggered a frequency converter before. The applying users being intuitive relish control  complete its production regularity and other parameters. Moreover, bearing in mind the known fact undeniable the VFD VSD SY9000 MODBUS is designed to work on Modbus discussion, its suitable for many systems. This indicates it is possible to incorporate into communications systems along with other items.

Another benefit amazing of SANYU Frequency Inverter Frequency Converter Drives VFD VSD SY9000 37KW MODBUS For FAn and Water Pump High Quality. This system is engineered with top-quality materials which makes it durable and sturdy. Its hardy construction guarantees solution extended, constantly delivering performance top and requiring less maintenance.

the SANYU Frequency Inverter Frequency Converter Drives VFD VSD SY9000 37KW MODBUS For FAn and Water Pump High Quality is an excellent frequency converter that guarantees optimal performance in various commercial and industrial settings. With its high quality, user-friendly options, and compatibility with almost all communication systems, this product is worth every penny. Get this reliable and high-quality product from SANYU today and enjoy the best performance from your fan and water pump for years to come.