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Variateur de fréquence

Variable Frequency Drive - A Life with added Quality

Have you ever paused to think about the mystery of those mechanisms that perform with such ease in our everyday life? The variable frequency inverter is crucial in bringing these machines to life so that they can serve you more efficiently and effectively. Now, this word may sound new to some of you, but the amount we are exposed or partake in it is growing by the day. What Really Is a Variable Inverter, Why Does It Serve Us and How the other Quality And Safety Devices Resemble it

    What Is Variable frequency Inverter?

    A variable frequency drive, of course is quite a complex electrical piece to monitor when it comes down to the altering and listing of signals as compared using simple potentiometers which are voltage alteration devices. Since different machines like motors, pumps and compressors require specific frequencies to run efficiently this characteristic is important. By changing the frequency, it can control the speed and torque characteristics of equipment so as to replace or assist direct startup (DOL), stents.''

    Avantages d'un variateur de fréquence

    There is an extensive list of benefits that can come with adding a Variable Frequency Drive to equipment. For starters, it just might save some power by cutting down on energy usage. This will help you save a lot of money on electricity and it is also good for the environment by reducing carbon footprint. Secondly, it helps in prolonging the life of machines by reducing wear and tear. It also improves machine performance to keep things running smoothly. This way, the control and maintenance of machines are also simplified, making productivity levels increase besides increasing safety rate.

    Why choose SANYU Variable frequency inverter?

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