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Inverseur de fréquence de pompe

Do you want to know about the Pump Frequency Inverter? A Pump Frequency Inverter is thus an electronic device that regulates the rate at which a pump rotates. They are quite similar to a remote for controlling the speed of a pump, and as such, they can be used when necessary

If you have a pump as part of a system in your home, it most likely operates at a fixed speed. But did you know that there is something known as a Pump Frequency Inverter which can actually change that? SANYU Pump Frequency Inverter gives you the convenience of choosing the exact speed that you require for the pump because of the Pompe VFD

This device takes energy efficiency to another level completely. It can be very effective in cutting down on the amount of energy used in your home and hence would translate to a small electricity bill

2. The Advantages of Using a Pump Frequency Inverter

These are some of the benefits that come with the use of a Pump Frequency Inverter at home. The first and most obvious benefit is the impact it has on your electricity bill. To help you cut on your electricity bill, you can save as much as 30%

One more useful feature of Inverseur de pompe of SANYU is the fact that it can increase the service life of the pump. When you slow down the rate at which your pump is pulling fluid through the pipes, you are actually sparing the motor unnecessary wear. This means that the motor will outlast the other and you will rarely need to replace the motor

Why choose SANYU Pump Frequency Inverter?

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