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Sanyu 15kw 380V/3phase Motor Drive VFD for Fan Machine

2024-07-07 00:25:06
Sanyu 15kw 380V/3phase Motor Drive VFD for Fan Machine

Best for Your Business: Sanyu 15kw 380V/3phase Motor Drive VFD, Professionally Installed on Fan Machine

Do you use a fan machine and are frustrated with its functioning? Are you looking to lower energy costs without sacrificing the safety of your team? If you have replied in the affirmative, then stands to reason that Sanyu 15kw 380V/3phase Motor Drive VFD for Fan Machine just might prove tailor-made for your business!


User has many advantages with this motor drive VFD. It is created to save you money, provides convenient solutions for your business and helps keep your employees safe.


Bringing you smart technology, this motor drive VFD is highly convenient to use. With its state of the art control system, users can readily modulate their fan machine at a speed suitable to them. There can be substantial savings in dollars by operating an efficient energy and utility system.


This is also a motor drive VFD and safety must be at the top! It comes with several safety features like overcurrent protection, overvoltage security and overload defense. All these features guarantee that the VFD will certainly shut down instantly in situation of any kind of failing so as to protect both your fan and also others.


Wiring This motor drive VFD is easy to install and also offers user-friendly setup process. It is a low-maintenance motor and has the capability of speed variations, giving the user more control over how powerful or light his fan machine will operate on.

How to Use:

After it is installed, you can easily set the speed of fan machine from its interface panels. It will automatically adjust the voltage and frequency of the motor to keep it running at a constant speed, meaning that you can be sure it is always working as efficiently as possible.


We are proud to help you! - Sanyu (DH) [email protected Our team is here 24/7 for technical questions and to provide support. But we also offer reassurance with a guarantee of confidence to allay any concerns when making products our customers.


We have made this motor drive VFD using top quality materials, offering excellent performance and longevity. Our goal is to create great products that our customers love, and we stand behind the quality of everything we sell.


This VFD motor drive is easy to adapt for numerous industries like manufacturing and commercial applications. Typically employed in ventilation systems, air conditioners and a variety of fan devices where they help significantly decrease energy costs by ensuring greater system efficiency as well superior working performance.