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Frequency changer

What is a Frequency Changer?

A regularity changer is just a product that SANYU converts the frequency of a alternating(AC this is certainly current waveform in one frequency to some other. This Fan Frequency Inverter can be useful in many different applications, such as for example in manufacturing equipment, telecommunications gear, and trains which can be high-speed. Basically, it may change the energy this is certainly electrical from a frequency amount to another.

Advantages of Choosing A Frequency Changer

The benefit of choosing a frequency changer is you to definitely utilize electrical equipment that  SANYUwould maybe not typically make use of the provided electrical power so it permits. For example, you can make use of the regularity changer to transform the Pump Frequency Inverter power to your correct frequency for your gear if you have a piece of machinery that requires a 50Hz regularity and your electrical supply is 60Hz.

Why choose SANYU Frequency changer?

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